Slide at Dobbyns Creek

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Kristin Windbigler : Slide at Dobbyns Creek

Video uploaded on April 5, but taken on April 4.

I shot this footage from the Alderpoint Road this afternoon at the slide on Dobbyns Creek. The slide itself is gigantic and there is a large pond backed up behind it. There was a guy in an excavator carefully digging away at the toe (a most unenviable task), but the water channel was still pretty narrow and although he seemed to be making progress, it didn’t seem to be affecting the level of the pond. Hopefully that will improve since there are two homes nearby. There is also a very serious possibility that the slide itself or the water could take out the road. Apparently our supervisor Cliff Clendenen came out this morning to look things over and the game warden was there when we stopped, but we were told by some of our neighbors that so far no government agency has stepped up to help. ~ Kristin Windbigler

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