Aerial Photos Fish Creek and Dobbyn Creek Slides

SoHum Awareness: Dan Gribi:
An aerial photo of the Fish Creek slide from today.
Added April 19

Fish Creek slide Benbow CA

Fish Creek slide Benbow (aerial) Photo-Dan Gribi /Diana Totten

Diana Totten: This slide is huge. Although it did not strip the trees off like Dobbyn Creek, the trees are uprooted and leaning. This slide also created a lake in the creek below. This slide is in the top 4 largest ever seen by some professional geologists. The upper part of the slide left a shear bluff of over 60′.
April 19 at 8:05pm

Dan Gribi:
Here’s the Dobbyn’s Creek slide…

Dobbyn Creek slide 19 April 2011

Dobbyn Creek slide (aerial) Photo-Dan Gribi/ Diana Totten

Dan Gribi:
Here you can see where the creek (with some heavy equipment help) has cut a channel through the slide…

Dobbyn Creek slide aerial 19 April 2011

Dobbyn Creek slide (aerial) Photo-Dan Gribi/ Diana Totten

Dan Gribi:
And one more good close-up…

Dobbyn Creek slide aerial close up 19 April 2011

Dobbyn Creek slide (aerial closeup) Photo-Dan Gribi /Diana Totten

Diana Totten: (flying with Dan Gribi)
This is a great picture showing the creek cutting through the debris dam. The lake is still there but has drained a lot. Also notice the trees in the center that seem to be standing upright, this chunk of land moved in one piece. And the slide came down around to the south as well where a lot of movement has taken place in the last few days.

Kris Wallan: This is the kind of photo that takes your breath away… I feel like I am holding my breath, watching the slide come down on that sweet little house. Oh my heart is with you every day. It is amazing how a photo can make one cry…
April 20 at 11:00am

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