Shelter Cove Rd. Semi Flipped, Road Blocked

SoHum Awareness:
A semi has flipped on Shelter Cove Rd. near Bear Creek. There are no reports of injuries but the roadway is apparently blocked.
May 19 at 8:45am

SoHum Awareness: Semi flipped over in ditch, blocking whole roadway.~bobbi
May 19 at 9:01am

SoHum Awareness: I am curious, where is Bear Creek?~bobbi
May 19 at 9:03am

Maryellen Rafuse McKee: Hi Bobbie, I believe Bear Creek is a low point between Paradise Ridge and Kings Peak. It would be before you start up the hill to Kings Peak. Or on your way down from Kings Peak.
May 19 at 9:13am

SoHum Awareness: There is now 1 way controlled traffic. kym
May 19 at 9:24am

SoHum Awareness: Seems they need a bigger tow truck or a crane and none are available now~bobbi
May 19 at 9:32am

SoHum Awareness: The CHP indcident page: You need to click on Humboldt in the upper left corner.

SoHum Awareness: KMUD says CHP estimates road will be cleared by 2:30pm.
May 19 at 12:15pm

SoHum Awareness: KMUD says “CHP says overturned big rig has been moved to the shoulder of the road. Both lanes of traffic on Shelter Cove Rd are now open. They’re still dealing with the load that was on the truck and there are emergency personnel in the area, so please drive with caution through the area.”
May 19 at 2:03pm

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