Briceland Rd Closed Temporarily for Funeral Procession

SoHum Awareness: Mikal Jakubal:
There are two memorials taking place simultaneously in Briceland right now. One involves a procession to the cemetery in Briceland from near Ferren Rd. Briceland Road will be shut down for about 15 minutes starting very soon (est. 2pm-2:15pm road closure). People going to the other event at the Octagon may be delayed. Anyone in communication with the organizers of that event may want to inform them of this delay.
May 22 at 1:56pm

Mikal Jakubal:
Briceland Road to be closed from approx. 2pm to 2:15pm today from Ferren Rd. to Briceland for funeral procession.
May 22 at 1:57pm

Mikal Jakubal:
Briceland Road is now open.
May 22 at 2:10pm

Mikal Jakubal: ?(Twitter-friendly version)
I was under the impression that posts here auto-posted to SoHumAwareness’ Twitter feed, but I don’t see these. I’m guessing that it’s just the admins’ posts that do that, then.

A general note to anyone who might post an emergency update: to make it easier for the admins to tweet/text it out, make sure all the pertinent info is in the first 140 characters. Then nothing has to be rewritten to fit.
May 22 at 4:20pm

This was one of those incidents where none of the admins ‘caught’ the tweet from Mikal in time to cross post to the SoHum Awareness facebook page. This is something ‘we’ as admins and as a group need to work on for future preparedness. ~bobbi

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