Ferndale Post Office and Workers Quarantined

A white powder substance has been found at the Ferndale post office. Hazmat has quarantined the workers inside.
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#Ferndale Post Office closed down. Suspicious white powder found on letter. Eureka hazmat on its way. Workers quarantined inside.
UPDATE 10:25:
Eureka Fire Department hazmat team member on the scene as well as Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department.
Ferndale Police Chief blocking front door at Ferndale Post Office. Workers inside continuing 2 fill mailboxes.

Breaking updates on Ferndale Post Office Incident here:

SoHum Awareness:Joyce Milbauer Benton: Love the Enterprise comment about the workers still filling the mail boxes. I know how those Ferndalers are if thier mail is late – the workers are more afraid of that than some white powder! 🙂
May 26 at 10:44am

SoHum Awareness: I found that comment unsettling..in that if it had been a bio toxin, then all the mail would of been contaminated as well. Lets hope that ‘they’ already knew they were safe when they started loading up the mail boxes again. ~bobbi
May 26 at 10:51am

Marianne Odisio: Yes, I wondered about that as well…
May 26 at 11:40am

SoHum Awareness:
Ferndale Post Office back open…suspicious powder was animal medication.
May 26 at 10:44am

Tivoli Wiley: Its ALL Okay… It was pet medication… ALLCLEAR…
May 26 at 12:12pm

Tivoli Wiley: It was penicillin for a horse that was improperly packaged and broke open releasing a white powder.
May 26 at 6:39pm

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