Are You Prepared?

The next big earthquake could be today..tomorrow..

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Living here in quake country, as well as already slide prone territory, we as a community need to be aware of the level of preparedness each one of us has. You have all read the booklet, On Shaky Ground – Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country — haven’t you? Here’s a link to read online or down load.

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country

Here’s some information from the USGS site on what to have on hand:

What emergency supplies do I need?

  1. Fire extinguisher
  2. Adequate supplies of medications that you or family members are taking, don’t forget reading glasses!
  3. Crescent and pipe wrenches to turn off gas and water supplies
  4. First-aid kit and handbook – take a first aid class!
  5. Flashlights with extra bulbs and batteries (hand crank radios and flashlights are good too)
  6. Portable radio with extra batteries
  7. Water for each family member for at least two weeks (allow at least 1 gallon per person per day) and purification tablets or chlorine bleach to purify drinking water from other sources
  8. Canned and package foods, enough for several days and MECHANICAL can opener. Extra food for pets or livestock if necessary.
  9. Camp stove or barbecue to cook on outdoors
  10. Waterproof, heavy-duty plastic bags for waste disposal. Don’t forget the toilet paper!

I also think that these booklets and info guides are really set up for more urban areas than ours. A few other things to keep on hand and in full supply living here in Southern Humboldt would be:

  • chainsaws and fuel
  • tarps for roof repairs
  • water systems repair kit
  • back up fuel for generator
  • back up propane for house hold use (test all lines with soap and water first)
  • back up home heating plan (if chimmey is damaged) – MR.Heaters and propane tank with base (open windows)
  • extra stove pipe and sealant

Living as far away from the urban areas as we do, it is important to note that we may become more isolated if the 101 corridor is damaged in both // or either direction.
Food and fuel may not be delivered to Garberville or Redway. Remember what a mess it was just last year when 101 north of Redway was out for 5 days, and when Briceland Road was gone how hard it was to get to town. And that section of road hasn’t been properly repaired as of this writing.

Being the resilient and self sufficient lot that we are, we may overlook some little things or even big things that could make our having to go it alone for 2-3 WEEKS a lot more pleasant. And just because ‘we’ have it together doesn’t mean our neighbors will.. that is why I encourage every one to get prepared. And stay that way.. it’s easy to become complacent, to live off the pantry supplies, to wait too long to refuel, to ‘know’ you can just run into town and get the meds or toilet paper.

The more each household prepares, the better we are as a community to help each other.
Sheltering in place is always preferred, if the house is still standing and safe.
Having some supplies in your vehicle is also very wise.
Especially rain gear, foot gear, water, energy bars, flashlight and radio, blanket, garbage bags, toilet paper, perhaps a stash of meds and reading glasses and anything you or your family would need if you were to be stranded.

Being Prepared — It’s not just for earthquakes.

14 May 2012 : Training and Courses .. The Regional Training Institute – Community Disaster Preparedness and Training to ‘prepare, survive, thrive’ – Story and photos by Clay McGlaughlin/The Times-Standard

20 October 2011 : A great article about local attitudes..
Disaster Attitude by Heidi Walters – North Coast Journal

15 November 2011 : Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) training being offered in Shelter Cove.

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