Expect Road Work, Traffic Delays at Whittemore Grove Monday

SoHum Awareness:
This repair is scheduled for Monday, (Hallowe’en):

SoHum drivers please plan for traffic delays in Whittemore Grove from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM on Monday, October 31st. State Parks will be repaving the area. In the morning expect delays of 45 minutes to one hour during repaving of the slip out (one lane) area. Expect one – way control and minor delays in the afternoon while the remainder of the grove is being repaved. (Thanks to Marty Messenger for info) – Estelle

Marcy Wilke: I really think that the state park should consider changing the day of this repair! This is going to be one of the busiest days on the Briceland road, with almost EVERYONE from the east side heading to town after school to do the Halloween town thing. Not to mention parents trying to make it to their kids’ classroom Halloween parties. This is a little nightmare if you ask me.
October 28 at 11:00am

SoHum Awareness: On a hopefully brighter note: According to Marty, the biggest delays will be in the morning. By the afternoon they will have one way- controlled traffic and delays should be a lot shorter. Keeping fingers crossed – Estelle
October 29 at 10:43am


Kevin Murphy: Was Halloween the only day they could do this. Seems like poor planning
Monday October 31 at 9:26am
Michelle Koho: Gonna be a long wait right now they’re paving
Monday October 31 at 10:39am
SoHum Awareness: Thanks for keeping us up to date. It helps the whole community for people to add what they know. (kym)
Monday October 31 at 11:38am
Sandra Galli King: Last I heard they were turning cars around to take old Briceland rd.
Monday October 31 at 1:05pm
Marcy Stein: Why in the world did they choose to do this TODAY…??? What a hassle for all the kids and their families coming from the west into town for the Chamber of Commerce Halloween festivities that begin after school!!! Poor planning is an understatement.
Monday October 31 at 1:31pm

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