Large Rocks Slide off the Bluffs

Large Rock part of Bluffs Slide. County Roads working to clear. Marty Messenger says removing rock is a serious challenge -Estelle

Rock Slide on the Bluffs - 27 March 2012

Pickup sized rock part of slide on Bluffs

Rock Slide Closes Redwood Drive Between Garberville and Redway ~ Kym Kemp

Rock Slide on the Bluffs - 27 March 2012

Water pooling up behind slide. Smaller rocks and debris continued to slide as of 3:00 PM.

Rock slide closes Redwood Drive - 27 March 2012

Marty Messenger from County Roads says it will probably take two hours to clear road for safe passage. Traffic between Redway and Garberville diverted to Highway 101.

Rock slide at the Bluffs -27 March 2012

Another view of the slide

Update: 5:20 pm County Roads Supervisor Marty Messenger says Redwood Drive is open! Rock cleared, vehicles can now drive from Redway to Garberville and back free of obstruction, thanks County Roads!!! ~Terri Klemetson posted to KMUD NEWS

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