Making a Facebook List to Receive SHA updates

Facebook has started limiting how they send status updates to people’s news feed, hoping to make a buck on businesses paying for it.

It used to be that if you ‘liked’ a page and said ‘send all updates’ you received everything from that page in your news feed. Now Facebook is often only sending the status updates to as little as 10% of the people liking the page.

This is a real problem for SoHumAwareness, as we count on everyone who wanted updates to be able to get them. Something that helps send an update out to more people, is people commenting on the updates or liking them, but below is another way to make sure you are seeing the updates.

Create a list for SoHumAwareness, this list should hold all the SHA posts, and is a back up for you if for some reason you are not receiving SHA posts in your news feed even though you have liked the page (This is Facebooks fault).

This list will show on your News Feed in the left sidebar.

To Create this list:

1 – From your home page (news feed page), in the left column, click “More” next to “Friends” (hover over the grey heading ‘Friends’ and the blue ‘more’ link will be to the right)

2 – Click “Create List”

3 – Name your list “SHA” (or whatever you want) and then add yourself (to make the list work)

4 – Click “Create” Now, (the list at this point will show you all your posts)

5 – Now go to the List page and on the right sidebar there is a + sign with a box, enter SoHumAwareness in there, and with that you will be able to see all the SHA posts.

6 – Now you can also delete yourself from the list, and the only posts shown on that list will be SoHumAwareness.

This means that if you are not seeing SoHumAwareness status updates in your news feed, (and you know there are recent postings) then just click on your newly made list.

It sounds more complicated than it is. I am testing this to see if I get all SHA’s posts in the list (I always get them in my news feed).
If any one else wants to test this for awhile, compare the list to your news feed, it would be helpful. Especially people who have missed SHA postings in their news feeds already. (You can visit the page directly to check as well, and remember we only post when something is happening.)

I may set up a day sometime next week for testing but don’t want to do that this busy weekend.

8 June 2012
bobbi wisby

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