Saturdays Storm Damage Report

Update 6 December 2012

Photos, rainfall info, and high water info from the National Weather Service – Eureka.

Update 3 December 2012

Landslide currently blocking Cartwright Rd., near Mile Marker 10 Mattole Rd., near Honeydew, check out this amazing video! thanks for the video Mariah! ~Terri Klemetson
This video was post to KMUD’s Facebook page:

KMUD’s Facebook page

Video by Mariah Gregori: Thanks Terri. It looks like the road has been reopened at least temporarily so people are getting their cars out before this next rain.
Mariah Gregori: I don’t know if it is mile marker 10. It is about 4 miles from the Honeydew store towards Panther Gap.

~from and KMUD News Facebook group.

Update 7:35pm

Kym has some photos.

Updated 10:45am

From the Times Standard

ROAD CONDITIONS (Humboldt County Department of Public Works)
Road Conditions at 10:45 a.m.
Closed due to Flooding or High Water:
Port Kenyon Road in Ferndale between Market Street and California Street
Meridian Road in Ferndale between Port Kenyon Road and Centerville Road
California Street in Ferndale between Port Kenyon Road and Van Ness Avenue
Kimtu Road in Garberville at Camp Kimtu
Glendale Drive near McKinleyville
Hookton Road at Eel River Drive near Loleta
Howard Heights Road in Eureka
Berta Road in Eureka
Zane Road in Eureka
Wrigley Road (end of road) in Eureka
Close Due to Slide or Slip Out:
Blue Slide Road near Ferndale (corrected by bobbi)
Mattole Road post marker 4.5
Flooded, Not Closed
Dyerville Loop Road, post marker 2.64 (four wheel drive only)
Crannell Road (four wheel drive only)
Freshwater Road (Several locations)
Old Arcata Road at Jacoby Creek
Old Arcata Road, between Redmond Road and Ole Hanson Road
Other Restrictions:
Sprowel Creek Road near Leino, 1 lane
Mattle Road post marker 13.66, 1 lane
The boat at McCann will not be operating today due to large amount of debris in water.

Well we made it through the first round of storms with little to no damage in the immediate area.
Saturday Forecast :
weather image

Unfortunately, this storm battered us badly. Many trees down and flooded roadways, slides and mud flows.

Kym has a report here. And much more info coming in from the comments area as people get out and see what the damage is, so keep checking back on this one.

I talked with Marty Messenger, County Roads Supervisor, to get the most local updated info on Sunday morning at about 9am.

Update from Marty:

Briceland Thorn Road is passable (but flooded) at the Whittemore Grove bridge.
Camp Kimtu Road is closed – the river is over the road.
They are keeping the bluffs clear, but it’s muddy there.
They are finishing up a slide on Sprowel Creek Rd.
The roads are open from Whitethron and Ettersburg into Redway and Garberville.

I will update this as news comes in.

Another source for local road info is:
CHP Watch.

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