Briceland Road Controlled Traffic

Briceland Road has been open to one way controlled traffic. But the weather didn’t let up.

Big storm today with snow down to Briceland Road level, lots of rain and wind, Briceland Road at Whittemore grove is still passable by one lane, but:

KMUD is tweeting that “Whittemore Grove (Dewitt Grove) is still 1 lane, and holes on the road getting bigger.”

Briceland Road 24 March 2011 - Photo Kim Sallaway

Briceland Closed 7pm-7am !

Friday 25 March:
There was several inches of snow last night in the local hills and more rain.

From Kmud and Kym Kemp:

Effective immediately–tonight (March 25th)! Briceland Road is closed at Whittemore Grove 7pm-7am. Furthermore, no delivery trucks will be allowed even when the road is open until further notice. There is concern that the road is being undercut and might drop out.

This is when things really started getting dicey for those on the west of the slide, 7am – 7pm isn’t a large enough window for many people trying to get to and from work or school. And no deliveries meant many businesses were west of Redway in a hard place.

There was quite an uproar about these times. Especially as it didn’t look like anything was being done to fix the road. And this is when Old Briceland Road started being used heavily by locals to get to town, with a pilot car leading the way.
( map )

Old Briceland Road is a narrow, often one lane, hilly, switch-back road going through cattle ranches. It is usually only used by those who live on it, now with the traffic increased, a pilot car was needed to prevent accidents.

From Kym Kemp:
UPDATE: KMUD is tweeting, “State Parks working on Briceland Rd thru Whittemore Grove now, says they won’t close rd. again, putting up lights.”

Photos of Redwood Creek by Kim Sallaway:

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