101 Closed north of Garberville

And as soon as we at SoHum Awareness thought we could take a breathe… an even larger slide affecting many many more people and businesses happened.

UPDATE From CalTrans:

Eureka – Caltrans has announced that Route 101 in Southern Humboldt County is closed due to a large mudslide approximately one mile north of Dean Creek. Caltrans crews are currently onsite and assessing the situation.

No estimated time of opening is currently available. Caltrans will issue another update by 2:00 PM today.

Motorists are advised to use an alternate route. For the most current road information on all State highways, please call 1-800-427-7623 (1-800-GAS-ROAD) or visit www.dot.ca.gov.

SoHum Awareness
Kmud just reported that – “Dyerville Loop Road reportedly impassible, also there’s still snow there.” ~bobbi

Please check SoHum Awareness Facebook page for the hundreds of threads concerning, “How do we get out of here?” or “How do we get home from here?” “What about our kids at South Fork High School?”. “How long will (fill – in – the blank) alternate route take?” “Is (this or that) road passable?”.

These photos are from Kym Kemp’s blog and were taken by the land owner, Will Hurlbutt the rancher whose land is swallowing 101. The land has been in his family for generations. (I hear that if the contractor who will be working on this wants to dump the soil on the ranch then they’ll need a permit. Apparently, the soil once it leaves its ranch, it needs a permit to call it home again.;>) ~kym

[photospace horizontal_thumb=true num_thumb=5 exclude=”247,289″]

These updates are from KymKemp.com.

UPDATE 3:46: So Humb Dist. Office says that there are only a handful of kids left at the school. They have a van to transport them if necessary. But not to worry “We will take care of them.”

UPDATE 2:45: Great photos from CHP via Lost Coast Outpost.

UPDATE 2:29: According to the SoHumboldt Unified School Dist. Redway Elementary, South Fork High School, and Osprey Learning Center will be closed Thursday and Friday.

UPDATE 1:54: Dyerville Loop rd (see update 1:13) is now plowed and open to one way controlled traffic. Please proceed with caution and only if absolutely necessary. No big rigs allowed.

UPDATE 1:13: I want to caution folk who are not familiar with our area not to use the backroads and even those who are familiar to avoid them as they will get clogged rapidly and accidents may probably will happen. However, here is a link to an excellent site with alternative routes (again via Lost Coast Outpost) and the issues that may be involved with taking them.

UPDATE:11:54: Schools will send out plan via ALL CALL

UPDATE: 11:23: CHP says 2 weeks closure.

UPDATE 11:19: County Roads has two snowplows going up Dyerville. One from each side but the road is officially closed and they have no estimated time of opening.

Dyerville Loop Road later that day. Photo by Sara Champie. 30 March 2011

More Photos:

Aerial views by Felix Omai, KMUD

Ground level views by Felix Omai, KMUD

The questions were coming in fast and furious, and Kym, Estelle and myself did our best to field them, with the help of many concerned citizens helping out.

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