Dobbyn Creek Landslide

As the residents of southern Humboldt spent the Sunday afternoon trying to decide when to take their kids to school, or when to leave for work, due to the one way opening of Highway 101 at 2am… we at SoHum Awareness were beginning to hear about the worsening conditions at Dobbyn Creek.

Southern Humboldt's OTHER Landslide - Dobbyn Creek

SoHum Awareness
This was sent in by Kristina Laskar:
There is a large landslide at the Dobbyns Creek in between Alderpoint and Blocksburg on the Alderpoint Road. There is no authority here monitoring or advising us on a constant basis. And just fyi, the locals are getting restless and taking matters into their own hands. The earth is changing by the hour. The creek is damning up on the south side of the landslide which, if something is not done soon it will flood the road for surely within the week, but I would say that it is more likely to happen within the next 3 days. Last night alone, the damned up pool rose about 10 feet. Someone just stopped by (since I’ve been in the house making calls trying to get someone to help, with no avail) and said that it is about 15 from the road. Which is another 5 feet since this morning!
However, be warned that there may not be passage through the Alderpoint Road here soon.
We have had some very helpful people through this event, even though they can’t do a whole lot. They’ve definitely been helpful with finding more people to try and contact, and for my own sanity. So thank you to Marty Messenger with county roads, and Shane Embry the Game Warden. April 3 at 2:04pm

April Wilson on SoHum Awareness
The Alderpoint Road is in jeopardy!!! And no one from the county or any state agency is responding. Today alone the water level has risen 10 feet for a total of 20 feet. A dam is being created and there is now only about a four foot wide …passage where the water is able to get through. The fallen trees are making their way down into the gap where the water is still able to get through. If the logs and debris move into that gap the water will be over Alderpoint Rd. One local surveyor estimates the area involved to be 300 yards wide and a half mile long! Our community, not just one family, is at risk and no one is advising us. Who should we go to for help??? April 3 at 7:51pm

Photos by Barbara Stewart Lindsay – 2 April 2011 – Dobbyn Creek Landslide

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April Wilson
This massive slide is at the confluence of the North and South Dobbyns in between Alderpoint and Blocksburg. The Steelhead population in the Dobbyns has been increasing the last few years but this will be devastating for them. And what wil…l happen to the residences downstream should this dam that is forming bust through? Marty from Co. roads, Supervisor Clendenen and Shane (local game warden) have been very responsive with suggestions of who to contact but there still doesn’t seem to be any lead agency.
April 4 at 7:11am added to Mobile Uploads Barbara Stewart Lindsay’s photos.

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