Dobbyn Creek Landslide flooding Alderpoint Road

Dobbyn Creek log jam and slide

Dobbyn Creek log jam and slide - Photo Marty Messenger 5 April 2011

SoHum Awareness
DOBBYN CREEK UPDATE: Per Marty Mesenger (County Roads):
40 to 50 people worked most of last night (April 4) placing sandbags to divert rising waters around one house and to protect the abutment of the Little Dobbyn Creek.
As of now, the sandbags are doing the job satisfactorily and diverting the water off the Alderpoint Road and back into the creek – Estelle – April 5 at 10:18am

More photos from Marty Messenger of the Dobbyn Creek Landslide:

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Kristin Windbigler on SoHum Awareness: The water level at the Dobbyn’s Creek Slide has raised significantly since I was there yesterday afternoon (April 4). Hard to say what will happen, but the situation does not look good.

Tuesday Morning at Dobbyn’s Creek Slide
Uploaded by nerdycowgirls on Apr 5, 2011

SoHum Awareness:
There are 30+ photos taken by Shawn Studebaker taken on Tuesday evening (April 5) as he and many others chipped in to help protect local homeowners and the Alderpoint Road.
View these photos on SoHum Awareness Facebook page… go take a look at the slide show!
Picture Descriptions and upload by Estelle.

More photos and a great description of the landslide by Natasha Carrico at

Cathy Randall Studebaker on SoHum Awareness:
I received an update from Diana Totten regarding the Dobbyn’s Creek Slide. A plan was made and is being implemented by a contractor. A private local contractor was hired by the county and is working through the night to divert water away from the house and county road.
Things are still touch and go. The water is still rising.
Diana, the county and locals feel they are making some progress, although mother nature is still in charge.
Tomorrow 8am til noon….the county road will be closed from FireCamp Hill (south) to Fort Seward Road (north). Casterlin school will be closed.
Tomorrow afternoon they will know more. Best case senario, the water will slowly erode the dam created of mud and logs. Several thousand sandbags have been used…they send thank yous to everyone!
April 5 at 9:37pm

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