Dobbyns Creek Rescue Crew and Google Maps

An explanation of the Dobbyn’s Creek slide using Google Maps by Mikal Jakubal. This is a trial run to see how this works. The sound is clipped, but should be understandable. For up to the minute information on disasters and emergencies in Humboldt County, CA and for more info on the Dobbyn’s Creek event, go to the SoHum Awareness page on Facebook and @SoHumAwareness on Twitter. ~Mikal Jakubal

SoHum Awareness
Mikal Jakubal – did an experiment here with screencasting. The sound is totally clipped, so I’ll have to figure out why when I redo it. This could run more like a powerpoint, with cuts to photos and video, personal testimony and graphics. It would be a good way to rapidly create a presentation not just for concerned locals, but for officials who need to be convinced to take immediate action.

Dobbyns-creek Rescue Crew
Hi, this is Kristina Laskar posting for the Dobbyns Creek Rescue Crew (DCRC), and I just wanted to say Hi and thank everyone for everything they have done or are still doing. I opened up this Facebook account to start being able to blog for everyone involved, and to keep you up to date of what’s going on out here. If anyone has any questions or concerns, you may post or email me. I will write more later.
April 7 at 2:20pm.

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