SoHumSlides 2011 Crowdmap system

Diana Totten
I have been out of the loop for a few days working on the Dobbyns Creek slide. I understand that this page and others have been keeping people informed and up to date. Thank you. I’m wondering where to go from here. We need to document the slide damage in SoHum, in one place. I would offer to go to each property to document if that would work. If the great minds that have worked to make this site could brain storm and let me know what would work best, I’ll stay focused on work at hand. Several folks have called me about damage but they don’t have computers ect.Thank you for the time and energy that brings us together. diana April 10 at 7:33am

Within a few hours of Diana’s plea for help, Mikal Jakubal set up the SoHumSlides 2011 Crowdmap system.

Mikal Jakubal This system of mapping is for people to use to create a detailed map of the slides, if that is what is needed to convince public officials that we need money or whatever. The process of making the map will get people used to working with that system (which can be used for everything from monitoring sudden oak death or wildlife movements to restoration projects, earthquake damage and civil unrest—whatever anyone is interested in, a custom, user-generated map can be made for it).

Mikal Jakubal: First question is: what is the purpose and what types of information needs to be on it to serve that purpose?
Second: will people actually use it themselves or, if they don’t have computer access, get the data to someone who will?
Third: Who will be responsible for administering it? April 10 at 7:38pm

The map did get updated with some of the slide damage. We (as a community) need to embrace this technology and learn to use it deftly and quickly. The next time it is needed, we may not have time to learn it. Any one interested in becoming more involved with that aspect of SoHum Awareness, please contact us. ~ bobbi

Mikal Jakubal:
I’ve started a Facebook page titled SoHum Smart Response as a place to discuss using social media and ‘crowd sourcing’ in emergency and disaster management in SoHum. Read the (longish) main article and let me know what you think. Where SoHum Awareness is for sharing info on specific events, SoHum Smart Response is for discussion about developing and implementing the larger system of social media response. Call it “911-2.0” April 10 at 5:57pm

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