Dobbyn Creek Update

SoHumAwareness: Diana Totten:
I have worked pretty hard for the last couple weeks to bring attention to the major damage from the land slides and slip outs in our area. I am humbled by the power of nature and amazed by the power of the people. Thank you all for the support and the energy you have given that makes this a great place to live. The update on the Dobbyn’s Creek slide… its still moving…about 2″ per hour. Several small trees fell on the lower part of the slide into the lake. The bottom of the slide continues to move east and very slowly closing the gap between the county road and the upstream part of the slide. We have a plan and the equipment in place to help keep the water flowing if the slide reaches the road. Thanks again and remember this is only one of the several large slides in Southern Humboldt. diana
April 12 at 8:23pm

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