SoHum Awarness and SoHum Slides Interactive

This is posted as a Note on our Facebook Page:

SoHum Awareness and SoHum Slides Interactive
by SoHum Awareness on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 6:45pm

SoHum Slides:
This interactive map is the place to add info and pictures about any slides or property damage you have had due to the recent storms.
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Here is a Facebook page- SoHum Smart Response dedicated as: A place for discussing how we can apply social media and crowd sourced information to disaster/emergency planing and response in Southern Humboldt.
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And here is a SoHum-Smart-Response note describing what this all means to us.
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Many Thanks to Mikal Jakubal for setting this map up and writing the outline of how we can make this happen.


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