Chemise Mountain Road Slide

SoHum Awareness:
Chemise Mountain Road Slide –
There is a report that it is closed due to a mudslide — 4 miles south of Shelter Cove Rd. If anyone has any further reports or photos please post them.~ Kym
April 17 at 10:35am

SoHum Awareness: So far, all I’ve been able to confirm is a tree across the road that has already been cleared up. Will update if other info comes in. -Estelle
April 17 at 11:02am

SoHum Awareness: Make that two trees. Some work has been done and the road is passable -Estelle
April 17 at 11:27am

SoHum Awareness: As per Marty Messenger (County Roads), there were trees and some rocks too. Marty and Matthew Nelson have now completed a more comprehensive clean up and much of the debris has been removed. The road is about one and a half lanes wide with barriers in place at this time.-Estelle
April 17 at 11:43am

Chemise Mountain Road slide 17 April 2011

Chemise Mountain Road slide cleared. Photo- Marty Messenger 17 April 2011

This slide is 3.5 miles south of Shelter Cove Rd. 1 1/2 lanes open, barricaded remaining debris.

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