Searching for Robert Firestone

SoHum Awareness: Diana Totten:
Starting another day of searching for Robert Firestone. We will expand the area of search and there will be SAR personel working around southern Humboldt. Please watch for us walking along roads, cars were going by quite close and fast. diana
April 27 at 6:05am

Rebecca Mcfarland: From my window at the laundry mat, I saw smoke yesterday in a spot where i never see it, from me it was beyond the Garberville sign post, I will check the compass when I get to work and let someone know if it still looks like anyone is out there, and where it was.
April 27 at 7:43am

Melina Volz: Look around the Industrial park. My brother works over near the gym and one night when it was getting dark my brother heard him yelling for help. He was stuck in small tress near the hill by the highway. I hope he is found.
April 27 at 7:44am

SoHum Awareness: Melina, I passed this on to the search teams. Diana Totten said thank you this kind of information can be extremely valuable.

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