Robert Firestone still missing

SoHum Awareness: Heather Ward:
Hope this where to ask a question if not oops sorry. I keep hearing Robert Firestone has been found and than hear he hasn’t – whats the real scoop and if still missing where can I copy a picture to help post. thank you
May 6 at 12:57am

SoHum Awareness: That is a rumor. Robert Firestone has not been found. You can go to the photos area of this page, (SoHum Awareness Facebook page) and copy the picture or poster (poster is in folder called wall photos) for web usage. To get a full size poster, contact Rebecca McFarland at the Garberville Laundromat, I believe she has some to post about town. ~bobbi
May 6 at 8:52am

Heather Ward: Thank you I know Rebecca I contact her
May 6 at 11:21am

Rebecca Mcfarland: I have flyers and print outs to hang where ever you feel it will help. I wrote a “note” explaining the unfortunate rumor 🙁
PLEASE come get some and put them up where ever you think it will help. I keep finding spots where the missing posters are gone so I replace them with new ones and the “note”.
May 7 at 7:49am

Robert Firestone Missing person poster

SoHum Awareness: Rebecca, thank you! You are truly the hands in the field on this one. Bless you and Diana Totten and the other folk out there doing such hard work. ~Kym
May 7 at 7:55am

Diana Totten: Thank you, this will help folks keep looking. I am still following any leads that come in, but it is so much better to have thousands of people looking for some sign of Robert Firestone.
May 7 at 8:00am

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