Briceland Rd Accident at Miller Creek

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Road Partially Blocked at Briceland Road and Miller Creek Rd

Briceland Rd Accident at Miller Creek–One Lane Controlled Traffic

An accident on Briceland Rd near Miller Creek Rd with at least one Toyota Tacoma blocked the roadway completely for a short time. At the current time there is one lane controlled traffic. Ambulance and fire crews are at the scene.
May 19 at 11:43pm ~kym

Mikal Jakubal: Open now. Toyota vs. Toyota.
Probably unrelated, but someone’s pet cat got killed on the road in Briceland tonight. Can y’all have a teeny tiny bit of respect for the neighborhood and go 25mph for 30 seconds?
May 19 at 11:48pm

Mikal Jakubal: I would have Tweeted events out, but don’t get cell coverage there. I doubt any traffic had to wait more than 15-20 minutes before being let through, but if it were worse, it would have been helpful to have an up-to-the-moment Twitter feed. To do that where there is no cell coverage, we’d need to get dispatch to send the tweets as we radioed them in. One more thing to work on.
The way we conceive of emergency response, from little incidents to landscape-scale disasters, needs to be modernized.See More
May 20 at 12:00am

SoHum Awareness: Mikal, thanks for this. I think your ideas about Twittering from events when time allows could really be helpful to not only people who are traveling or are just wanting to be aware of what is happening but it could also help emergency personnel by helping people avoid accident areas and reducing the amount of traffic in the area. ~Kym
May 20 at 12:14am

Sarah Beresford: I dove threw there, not 2 bad of a wait. Is everyone ok? There were no tow trucks yet so we had 2 drive on the side of the road around the trucks.
May 20 at 12:47am

SoHum Awareness: I updated to say that both the drivers were transported by the ambulance to the hospital but I don’t know their status.~kym
May 20 at 9:02am

Alta DelaCruz: Thank you for these updates. All of us who live west of Garberville really appreciate them!
May 20 at 1:27pm

See photos and more commentary by Mikal Jakubal at BVFD (Briceland Volunteer Fire Department’s website).

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