Highway 1 Blocked

SoHum Awareness:
A tree down on Hwy 1 has the road temporarily blocked.~Kym

SoHum Awareness: Mile marker 92 – Estelle
May 31 12:00am

SoHum Awareness: It is just a mile or two inland of Usal road towards Leggett. (to the best of my ability to figure out)
May 31 12:50am

SoHum Awareness: The CHP are trying to get Caltrans out there with a chainsaw so it doesn’t sound too bad. Should be cleared by tomorrow.

SoHum Awareness: I’ll keep monitoring. – Kym

SoHum Awareness: The CHP have removed the incident from their page which I presume means the problem is solved and the road is open. – Kym
May 31 12:57am

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