Delays on Briceland Road – work on the slip out – resurfacing

SoHum Awareness:
Plan for possible delays on Briceland Road today. State Parks setting up equipment for work in slip- out area, Whittemore Grove. – Estelle
Tuesday June 21 8:50am

Serenity Bowen: Just discovered this on the way to Beginings.
Tuesday June 21 at 9:06am

Serenity Bowen: Still waiting. Wow 1/2 hour already!
Tuesday June 21 at 9:31am

Serenity Bowen: Ok an hour.
Tuesday June 21 at 9:54am

Serenity Bowen: Get your coffee before you drive this direction!
Tuesday June 21 at 9:55am

SoHum Awareness: Thanks for the updates Serenity. I just talked with Blue Star driver. He had a 35-40 minute wait west-bound. – Estelle
Tuesday June 21 at 10:00am

Ross Radcliffe: I may just use the Old Briceland Road if their having hour delays. Anyone know when the work is expected to be finished?
Tuesday June 21 at 10:10am

SoHum Awareness: Checking into it now. – Estelle
Tuesday June 21 at 10:00am

SoHum Awareness: Should be done in a few hours (see latest post)- Estelle
Tuesday June 21 at 11:00am

SoHum Awareness: Too bad they didn’t let us know last night and we could of given everyone a heads up.. bobbi
Tuesday June 21 at 12:00pm

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