Fire in Dyerville Loop Area

SoHum Awareness:
Fire in Dyerville Loop Area Caused by Bird in the Power lines. Contained at 100 feet by 80 feet. CalFire and Garberville Fire Dept. responded to the vegetation fire which was located 1 mile down the Dyerville Loop Road near Alderpoint. (Marty Hobbs – Battalion Chief, Garberville) – Estelle
July 22 at 12:26pm

MaryAlice Denson: That’s confusing. 1 mile down Dyerville Loop near Alderpoint doesn’t exist, I don’t think. Dyerville Loop is miles from AP, isn’t it?
July 22 at 5:37pm

SoHum Awareness: You are correct, of course. Dyerville switches off north from the Alderpoint Road quite a while befor Alderpoint. I suspect it was given as a reference, Alderpoint being the nearest “town”. – Estelle
July 22 at 6:11pm

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