Verizon Phone and Suddenlink Services Crash in Humboldt

SoHum Awareness:
Widespread computer and phone outages across Humboldt.
Verizon Phone and Suddenlink Services Crash in Humboldt


Suddenly Suddenlink Internet and phone connections as well as Verizon and AT&T phone services have crashed throughout Humboldt. (Ferndale has issues so does Northtown and me here in the hills across from Miranda.) See Lost Coast Outpost for their coverage!

UPDATE: Lost Coast Outpost is reporting that a fiber optic cable was damaged by fire near Willits.

UPDATE SATURDAY MORNING: Hank looks at the outage.
August 5 at 3:40pm

SoHum Awareness: Verizon 3G doing fine here (West of Redway) – Estelle
August 5 at 4:10pm
Jeremy Shaw: Frontier is having problems in Ferndale too.
August 5 at 4:41pm
SoHum Awareness:

Lost Coast Outpost logo

Lost Coast Outpost is reporting that our issues are related to an AT&T fiber optic line that was damaged by fire just outside of Willits.
Widespread Suddenlink Outage All Around Humboldt
August 5 at 6:44pm
Pat Baleme: THANKS for the info! Any idea when it (fiber optic or whatever) may be fixed?…. Problems continue where we are all day & evening thus far (below Garberville). We have 2 different phone numbers. Nice to know it isn’t just us . Even using cell phone, Verizon’s line is busy, but I heard they blamed AT&T and vice-versa? The run-around today.
August 5 at 8:44pm
SoHum Awareness: Supposedly it is going to be fixed by tomorrow. We’ll see.
August 5 at 8:46pm
MaryAlice Denson: I’m getting those beep beep signals and assume that Alderpoint is involved.
August 5 at 8:47pm
SoHum Awareness: AT&T main trunk fiber optic outside Willits damaged by small fire according to spokesperson to Lost Coast Outpost. AT&T will work on it overnight.
August 5 at 9:32pm
Sarah Beresford: US cellular was out 2 and our local channels on Dish network were out. But everything is working now:)
August 6 at 11:58am
SoHum Awareness: Sarah, thanks I should have come back on and announced that the phone and computers are back up!
August 6 at 9:15pm

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