Bad accident on the Avenue of the Giants

An accident on the Avenue of the Giants occurred near Women’s Federation Grove (just south of the Honeydew exit from 101). A motorcycle and a minivan collided with at least one fatality. There is at least one lane closed and possibly the entire road is blocked. Avoid the area on the Avenue and be extra alert on the 101.


SoHum Awareness: Update: Roadway clear.
August 6 at 9:54pm
Danielle Whitmore Young: Any update on who was involved?
August 6 at 10:58pm
SoHum Awareness: Sorry, no. There probably won’t be for awhile until family members are notified.
August 6 at 11:22pm
SoHum Awareness: I hope everyone in your family and friend circle is home and accounted for. (kym)
August 6 at 11:23pm
Danielle Whitmore Young: There is 2 I can’t get ahold of 🙁 that’s why I asked. Thanks for keeping the local news here, it is appreciated by many!
August 6 at 11:25pm
SoHum Awareness: Sending you and yours good thoughts. Hope the loved ones contact you soon. –For someone this will always be a sad night. The word fatality makes my heart skip when I see it on the chp site.~kym
August 6 at 11:29pm
Danielle Whitmore Young: Absolutely! With a close town like ours though, we are all here for comfort and support.
August 6 at 11:31pm
David Wm Gall: people…tell your friends and loved ones that, under the canopy of the redwood trees, The Avenue is VERY DARK, and difficult to see bicyclists, motorcycles, and pedestrians !!!
August 7 at 10:17am
Jazz Bones: his name was Clayton Herris
August 9 at 4:06pm
SoHum Awareness: I’m sorry he was lost. I kept imaging how hard this day would be for his family. Was he a local? ~kym
August 9 at 4:25pm
Jazz Bones: ya he was married and just had his first baby. if you know the mile marker i want too go down to put up a memorial but i dont want too ask his wife where exactly it was
August 9 at 9:24pm
SoHum Awareness: I don’t know but I’ll see if I can find out.
August 9 at 9:28pm
Jazz Bones: thank you so much
August 9 at 9:30pm

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