Extreme Weather Hits North Coast

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Kym Kemp / April 12, 2012 @ 10 p.m. / Weather

The Traffic Cam photo was taken at 8 P.M.

UPDATE 12:39 A.M.: CHP now reporting that the slide on 101 by Leggett is now covering half of the roadway and there is snow on the mountain on Hwy 1 about 5 miles west of Leggett. There is a request in for a snowplow.

UPDATE 12:19 A.M.: CHP reporting tree down blocking east bound lane on 299 just west of intersection with 96.

UPDATE 12:12 A.M.: CHP site indicates a tree across Hwy 101 by the Klamath bridge. At this point it is unclear whether it is completely blocking 101 or just blocking the southbound lane.

UPDATE 11:29 P.M.: CHP reporting slide coming down at intersection of Hwy 101 and Leggett in the northbound lane also snow starting to stick.

UPDATE: 10:48 P.M.: NBC News is reporting that Oakland airport has resumed operations and the SF airport has seen major delays but is still operating.

UPDATE 10:35: Mud and rock covering the eastbound lane just west of Ferndale on Centerville Rd.

UPDATE 10:24: CHP is now reporting that 299 is chains only. R1: Chains are required – snow tread tires allowed.

Thunder, Lightning, hail and snow have been pummeling the North Coast. The CHP is reporting that snow is piling up on 299 on Berry Summit about 10 miles west of Willow Creek. (The Traffic Cam photo was taken at 8 P.M. and it is reportedly worse now.)

And to the south of us:

The weather is so severe in San Francisco that both SF airport and Oakland airport suspended flights. Over 60 have been canceled.

Lightning Striking Bay Bridge 12 Paril 2012

Bay Bridge Lightning photo from here

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