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You may contact us directly at:

If you have an incident to report, the fastest way is to post a thread at our Facebook Page: SoHum Awareness (this will get out to the most people the fastest), or you can contact us at the above email address, or you can send us a Tweet.

If you would like to contact us individually:
Bobbi Wisby
bobbi wisby


Kym Kemp
Kym Kemp


Estelle Fennell
Estelle Fennell

If you want to add your current slide, road closure, flood or other incident occurring because of the spring storms, use this map page:

To become more aware of some techniques being used in disaster preparedness, give this Facebook page and it’s links a good read.
SoHum Smart Response

Here’s a good one to get you started, The Crowd is Always There: A Marketplace for Crowdsourcing Crisis Response

Please contact Mikal through SoHum Smart Response, or one of us if you are interested in becoming part of the solution.